Spirited Women – All Women’s Adventure Race: Late August Newsletter

Posted by on Sep 30, 2016


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Congratulations to the following women whose fast fingers secured them one of the first 10 entries and in doing so earnt thier team a $100 refund on their entry fee.

  1. Rachel Beechey-Auckland, Short
  2. Janet Ford-Wellington, Medium
  3. Megan Briscoe-Rotorua, Long
  4. Telsa Knight-North Shore City, Short
  5. Sarah Spence-Napier, Medium
  6. Hilary Rayner-Auckland, Short
  7. Rachel Goulter-Auckland, Short
  8. Susana Buckton-Taupo, Short
  9. Megan Wright-Hamilton, Medium
  10. Megan Schmidt-Auckland, Short

Top effort to all those women who set their alarms, set-up profiles, warmed their fingers up and gave it a good shot. The bar has been set and you will have to enter in less than 6 minutes to be in with a shot next year.


2017 Spirited Women Adventure Race online entries opened at 7am on Monday 1st August with a flurry of activity. The event eclipsed the inaugural race entries in just 12 days and well over half of the available team spots are now taken.

With cool give away prizes up for grabs (see list below) for all teams entering at the Lucky Super Early Bird Entry Rate which closes at 12 midnight on Friday 30th September 2016, we suggest you get your team together now and get an entry in quick or you may miss out. Remember entries are limited to just 250 teams.

  • 1 x Starboard Paddleboard & Paddle package (RRP $2499)
  • 2 x Personalised 90min SUP coaching session for a team of four, suitable for any level of paddler with PaddleFit Pro Coach Victoria Stuart (Value $160 each)
  • 1 x Camelbak Solstice Low Rider 10L Mtb Pack (RRP $219)
  • 1 x Liv Infinita or Rev Helmet (winners choice – RRP $149 or $179)

NOTE: If you do not have all your team mates confirmed or all their entry details at hand you can write ‘TBC’ in any unknown text fields or ‘1234’ in any unknown number fields to ensure you secure an super early bird entry and chance to win. All winners will also be advertised on the event Facebook page and in the October’s monthly newsletter.


Well not one but two teams received some surprise news last week. From all those who applied, the Alterno Foundation selected two very different groups of newbie adventurous women and awarded them  each a free entry to take part in the 2017 Spirited Women – All Women’s Adventure Race.

Following in the great example set by the 2016 “Alterno Foundation Rays of Sunshine” team (whose blog journey can be read at https://alternofoundationraysofsunshine.wordpress.com) the 2017 teams will be:

  • Team 42: Alterno Cougar Mummas – (Medium Course Women) – Kellie Ellis, Lease Hubbard, Sue Hazzelwood & Shona Boulton.

Kellie says – “We are a team of spirited “Mummas” with 9 kids between us. This will be the first time we have entered into an adventure race – for some of us it’s the first time we’ve done anything crazy like this at all!  We hail from Cambridge (based in the gloriously green Waikato) and we look forward to sharing our adventure training (with kids in tow) with you, as we get fit for our big Spirited Women challenge next year! “

Lease says – “Our goal is to challenge ourselves and inspire others to do the same. We each are training for different goals, fitness, mental and physical health, motivation, inspiration and of course the FUN”

  • Team 130: Alterno Adventure Squad (Long Course Open Women) – Lucy Kelly, Dannielle Ford, Andrea Gerrard & Billie Haresnape.

Lucy says – “We’re a haphazard bunch of adventure loving young women, enjoying life and all it has to offer. We’ve jumped off cliffs naked in Hawaii together, won double gold medals at nationals together, accidentally knocked another rowing coach unconscious (oops), driven our own rowing coach almost crazy, and Billie and Andy even rowed at the Anzac Centenary into Anzac Cove in Turkey last year! In short, we’ve done some cool stuff”.

The Alterno Foundation is keen to see more women participating in physical activities and for them to be able to recharge their batteries from their busy lives as a mothers, friends, partners and as professionals. Let the Cougar Mummas and Adventure Squad be your inspiration to challenge yourself!


That’s right, you read correctly, the 2017 Spirited Woman Adventure Race in Taupo will be unsupported, and therefore teams will not require a support crew to race. This means teams have to be self-sufficient, transitioning from discipline to discipline themselves and prohibited from receiving outside assistance during the course of their race.

Whilst you don’t have to rope in a support crew, we welcome and encourage supporters (husbands, kids, partners, family and friends) to accompany teams to Taupo to enjoy the a fantastic weekend away. Supporters are free to cheer on and take photos of Spirited Women at the start and finish, plus points during their adventure, and there will be plenty of spots along the course to view the race.

There are however a few things which will be important for teams to understand though-

  • It will be useful for teams to have two vehicles (or more) with one (or two combined) capable of transporting all the team bikes out to the start; otherwise a teammate(s) will have to hitch a ride with another team back to pick up their vehicle(s) left at the start. Supporters can obviously play a part in transporting teams and their bikes to the start.
  • Women who ride in clipless mtb shoes will need a suitably sized pack capable of carrying their running shoes as well as all their individual and any shared team compulsory gear. TIP – You may like to lace your running shoes with elastic laces for a quick transition in and out of them!


The Spirited Women Adventure Race has formed a relationship with PINC & STEEL – Cancer Rehabilitation Trust.

The PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation Programs provide individualised, prescribed rehabilitation to women and men diagnosed with cancer; helping them heal as well as possible, and function at optimal levels through every stage of their treatment and recovery. They are specifically designed to help maximize recovery, regain physical and emotional strength, and improve body confidence and control.

The spirited Women everyday hero fundraising campaign is now live at www.everydayhero.co.nz/event/Spiritedwomen

We encourage teams to set-up an ‘Everyday Hero’ fundraising site at the link above and raise money for the cause.

To motivate you to fundraise we have teamed up with our event sponsors to offer a wonderful prize for the team with the greatest number of donations and the team who raises the most money. Get into it!


Kick ass adventures for women 
Have ever wanted to try surfing, mountain biking, or 4 wheel driving?  What about dirt biking, snowboarding or rock climbing?  How about stand up paddling, gun shooting or tree adventures? Join a bunch of super rad women, like you, who are up for getting out and trying new adventures for the first time.

The easiest way to meet your new adventure bestie.
Your Ultimate Sisterhood is here to save you from being stuck at home on the couch with the TV remote and a bag of chips contemplating colour coordinating your socks and undies draw with no one to go on your adventures with. OH HELL NO SISTA… not on my watch!.  Become a part of the sisterhood and you’ll have an endless supply of new adventure BFFs. Join the fun and we’ll see you in there!

Senka Radonich aka nzadventuregirl 
After losing my mum to pneumonia suddenly, I woke up to the fact that life can be taken away any moment, so why waste it. Life should be one giant adventure doing stuff you freaking love. So now, I’m all about getting women out to do cool sh*t.  Whether it’s getting you out adventuring and stretching yourself in trying new things or working with you one on one in the personal coaching space, I’m all over that like white on rice.


Enlightening women’s lives with the discovery of the world of mountain biking is primarily what this course is all about.

Janine Kavanagh is offering a guided 6 week course for very beginner ladies in association with Liv Cycling NZ, Sport Bay of Plenty and Mountain bike Rotorua designed to teach entry level mountain bikers basic skills. These low ratio sessions are not about mass change, but about changing one life at a time. The goal is to encourage women who describe themselves as inactive to connect for the first time or reconnect to exercise as play…and create an association of being active with having fun, not it being a chore. Janine says – “I wish to empower this group to feel fit and strong and instil the confidence in them to give riding a go while still suiting beginner level confidence, skill and fitness levels”.

What better way to do this than on a bike – as Liv says “riding a bike makes everything in life that much better”.

Visit www.sportbop.co.nz/springstarterseries for more information.


The Super Early Bird Entry Rate has just one month to go and entries are disappearing. Get a team together and your entry in quick smart to be in for plenty of fun, laughter, screaks for fear and hoots (or possibly tears!) of joy with your friends/family/colleagues over the course of a seriously adventurous weekend. Bring it on!

Kindest regards…  Neil & Katrine

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