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Posted by on Jun 11, 2017


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Whichever way you look at it, the 2017 Whai Ora Spirited Women – All Women’s Adventure Race in Taupo was one epic event. Be it from a first time participants perspective knocking off the short course with a “compete to complete” focus; or be it from the perspective of a key member of our event staff pulling long hours behind the scenes, the weekend will not be quickly forgotten.

To all those women participating we hope the enormous sense of achievement has sunk in, and you are able to happily reminisce and savour all the good times had over the course of the event weekend with your girlfriends for weeks and months to come .

From the management team’s perspective we are looking forward to things slowing down in a few more weeks so we can really take stock of the enormity of the event we have created, what we did successfully and what lessons we can take from it to make 2018 even better.

For now though we feel two words – “we survived” sum up our journey beautifully.


Having left the provisional results up for a week to give all teams the opportunity to comment, our academic timekeeper has been busily working (between university exams) to generate the final set of results with stage times, combined mystery activity bonus or penalty, and a detailed comments field where you can see where your team went wrong.

The final results have just been posted to the event website and promoted on the event Facebook page.  If you’ve yet to see them you can find them here.


The 2017 Whai Ora Spirited Women – All Women’s Adventure Race event video has landed. If you’re yet to check it out, best you do, as your team or yourself may even feature. See below:


If you’ve not located them by now, all event images / race photos can be found within albums on the event Facebook page here.

There are just shy of 1500 pics in total and all are free to download and share amongst your friends.


Whai Ora Spirited Women trail jersey and shorts seen at the Event Registration Expo in Taupo are now available for purchase on the event website Online Shop here.

We have tried to keep the price on the garments (which will be couriered out to purchasers) as low as possible, and we hope you agree they are super good value for money.

Online price is $80 for the jersey, $95 for the shorts or $160 for the pair (courier cost included).


So if you were at the awards ceremony then you will know why this is a big deal.

We invite all 2017 Whai Ora Spirited Women competitors in Taupo to participate in our event online Monkey Survey.

Please click here to complete the survey.

Note: The survey will run until 5pm Wednesday 19th April 2017. The winner of the prize will be announced on the event Facebook page Thursday 20th April 2017. Competitors are allowed just one survey submission each and must give their name & team number if they  wish to go in the draw for the big prize.


Check out the event destination video below and join us from 16 – 18 March 2018 for the third edition of the Whai Ora Spirited Women – All Women’s Adventure Race, to be hosted in the stunning coastal district of Whakatane and Ohope.  Entries open 7:00am on 1st June 2017.


Once again we would like to say that undoubtedly the best way you can show your appreciation for the wonderful event sponsors who have got behind this fantastic event is to consciously endeavour to purchase their brands when shopping. Only if we work together can we all gain strength. So with one another’s support, let’s work to all build a better life for us all.

Finally the last matter of order is lost property.
We are in the possession of two bike pumps, two rear bike lights, two black caps, two pairs of spectacles and two sets of car/house keys.  If you have discovered you are missingone of these items, please touch base through the website, describing in detail the item you have misplaced.

Likewise if you happen to have realised you have returned home with something that does not belong to you, please let us know and we will add it to the list of items we need to locate the owners of. At this point in time we have a member of one team looking for a specialised bike tool, and another looking for a water bladder.

We will post a message on Lost Property on the event Facebook page in the coming week to manage these items.

We hope you all thoroughly enjoyed the second edition of the Whai Ora Spirited Women – All Women’s Adventure Race in Taupo and are as excited as we that the coastal region of Whakatane & Ohope will play host to the third edition in 2018. Entries will be released at 7:00am on Thursday 1st June and are expected to sell fast, so be sure you mark your calendar and set your alarm as the first race could be just to get an entry to compete.
Now time to catch up on more sleep!

Kindest regards…  Neil, Katrine & Heather.

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