Competitor Race Rules

  • Once teams have received course maps & notes, it is forbidden for any team member to enter the event route until your race has officially begun.
  • Teams must carry the timing transponder allocated to them throughout the race. The transponder are the property of our timing provider and must be returned to the finish line. Any teams losing either their timing transponder will incur an $80 replacement fee per item lost. 
  • All team members must wear their race team bib vests throughout the race, and bib vests must be worn over the outer garment or piece of equipment (including pack or life vest).
  • Race bib vests are the property of Dare 2 Sweat Events, and must not be cut or modified in any way. Race bib vests must be returned at the finish line. Any damage or loss of a race bib vest will incur a $40 repair or full replacement fee.
  • Teams must start in the Start Wave assigned to them; based on bib number of the event category their team is entered.
  • Team members must stay together and in sight of one another (with no more than 60m separating the leading member and trailing team member) at all times.
  • Teams must carry their entire individual and team compulsory gear (see the compulsory gear list here) throughout the entire race, on foot, mountain bike and in kayaks. The only exception is during the paddle section(s) where the teams packs can be left where craft, paddles and life vests are picked up from.
  • Toilets and Water will be available at a number of places on the course and these sites will be marked on the competitors race map with a ‘T’ & ‘W’.respectively
  • Teams cannot receive assistance or direction from any supporters. Supporters are not permitted to visit unsupported Transition Areas or venture onto private property.
  • Teams must follow instructions detailed on their event course maps/race notes and discussed at their respective briefing– especially where road safety is a concern.
  • Transitions must be entered at the entry sign only and exited at the exit sign only.
  • Paddle craft and gear must be brought back to the exact same spot they were taken from and left as you found them.
  • On the water, life vests must be worn correctly by every team member.
  • A head touch with fresh batteries must be carried by all team members throughout the course of the event.
  • Parts of the event may be on open public roads. NO roads are closed for this event, so normal road rules apply at all times. You are responsible for your own safety.
  • In line with NZ Law, a front (white) and rear (red) light must be fitted when riding in the dark. Bike lights therefore must be fitted to bikes or riders helmets when leaving the start before Sunrise (0710hrs) and after sunset (1930pm).
  • Teams must clock into Checkpoints (CP’s) in order of CP number. The only exception is when the stage is designated as a Rogaine stage, in which case CP’s are lettered (A, B, C etc.) and can be collected in any order.
  • On any stage designated as a Rogaine Stage, all CP’s must be collected.
  • If your team misses one CP or more, you will be ranked below all teams that get all the CP’s or more CP’s than your team.
  • NO GPS units or devices are permitted to be used.
  • Cell phones must be fully charged, turned OFF and carried in sealed watertight bags. They may only be opened and turned on to use in the case of an emergency. 
  • The complete team must enter and exit all TA’s together through the marshal point – Transitions must be entered at the entry sign only and exited at the exit sign only. Any team not crossing timing mats on the way out of TA’s will be ranked below all teams that have done so.
  • Teams must also enter all Mystery Activities (MA’s) together through the marshal point – punching in to the CP control as they go. Any team not punching into the CP control at MA’s will be ranked below all teams that have punched into MA’s.
  • MA’s are challenges that teams are required (if they chose too) to complete before moving on.
  • Rules surrounding commercial MA’s must be adhered to by all teams. Time penalties exist if MA’s are skipped.
  • Teams must also follow instructions from event staff / marshals and event signs encountered throughout the course of the event.
  • Teams and any supporters of teams must respect the rights of local landowners, residents, business owners and general public at all times.
  • No supporters of teams are allowed to venture onto private land.
  • Team members must be vigilant and cautious of permanent and temporary electric fences. Team members must stay clear of offal pits.
  • Use gates where ever possible to pass from one side of a fence to the other.
  • Either open and close the gate or climb it at the hinge end only.
  • Leave any gates as you find them. If in doubt – close it.
  • Littering is prohibited. If you do see litter and stop to pick it up, you are a super star.
  • Toilets amenities must be used wherever possible. The position of all Public/venue/and event port-a-loo toilets will be marked on the competitors race map with a ‘T’.
  • Any complaints in respect to breaches in the race rules must be reported in writing to the Race Director within one hour of a team finishing.  The Race Director with select panel of staff will undertake a private consideration with the appropriate action and/or penalty decided upon based on the nature and severity of the offense. There decision will be final.
  • If one or two of the team members withdraw during the event, teams can continue with 3 or 2 team members respectively with Race Directors permission. A complete set of four team race bib vests, the timing transponder and teams shared compulsory gear must be carried to the finish with the remaining racing team members.
  • Any complete team withdrawing from the event must notify the nearest event TA or MA marshal or event staff immediately. The withdrawing team then must also visit the race finish line to return their teams timing transponder and complete set of race bib vests.
  • Any teams still on the course at 10pm must take their mobile phone out of the sealed bag and turn it on. They must then call into the safety crew and report their position on the course and leave their cell phones on thereafter.
  • If teams reach certain TA’s after certain times they must take the fast track route given at the race briefing onto the next TA or Finish Line. 

Competitor FAQ

Q – Do we require a support crew?
A – No. That’s right; you read correctly, the 2018 Whai Ora Spirited Woman Adventure Race in Whakatane Ohope will be unsupported. Therefore teams will not require, nor are they allowed to receive, support crew assistance during the race.  This means teams have to be self-sufficient, transitioning from discipline to discipline themselves, and are prohibited from receiving outside assistance during the course of their race.

Q – Are spectators welcome?
A – Yes. Whilst you don’t have to rope in a support crew, we welcome and encourage supporters (husbands, kids, partners, family and friends) to accompany teams to Whakatane Ohope in a spectating capacity. Supporters are free to cheer on and take photos of Spirited Women at points during their adventure, and there will be a few spots along to course to view the race, and these will be made know to teams in their race notes.

Q – Can we get away with just one vehicle?
A – Yes – Provided your vehicle can carry all four bikes, the team members & gear.

Q – Do we have to carry all our race food and water for the duration of the race?
A – Yes and no respectively. Yes, you will need to carry from the start all food and electrolytes which you believe you will need to complete the race.  There are places along the course where your water supplies may be topped up. These will be marked on the competitors race map with a ‘W’. You cannot drop supplies at any transition.

Q – So if we use clip-in SPD style mountain bike shoes, do we need to carry our running shoes with us as well for trekking stages?
A – Yes, if you choose to use clip-in cycle shoes and pedals on your mountain bike, then you will need a pack of a suitable size to carry your running shoes for foot stages. You will not need to carry your cycle shoes on the foot stages – these, and your helmet, can be left with the bike.

Q – Where do we find the compulsory gear list?
A – Here

Q – Do we require a head light if we are doing the short or medium course?
A – Yes. Regardless of how long you believe it will take your team to complete the course you have entered, every team member must carry a head light and spare set of fresh batteries.

Q – Must we have bike lights?
A – Yes. A front (white) and rear (red) light are compulsory on every bike and it is NZ Law to have them switched on before sunrise and after sunset.  We advise every woman mount these to their bikes before the start; even tape them on for peace-of-mind so they do not bounce/rattle loose; so they are always on your bike. Note: Head lights may double as a competitors bike front (white) light.

Q – What type of course maps will we be given out this year?
A – All course maps issued this year will be Topo maps to the scale of 1:20,000. Contours are shown in 20 meter increments, and there will be a magnetic/true north arrow with declination, scale and legend on each map

Q – Can teams get more than one set of maps?
A – Yes.  Two sets of maps will be given to each team this year a team back-up navigator has a set too. Maps are printed on waterproof paper.  The event Check Point (CP), Transition (T) and Mystery Activity (MA) descriptions will be issued on a separate piece of waterproof paper so another team member can be actively involved notifying their team what it is they are searching for. There will also be a single control card issued for punching into CP’s so the final team member has a role of looking after this task.

Q – Can I wear my GPS Watch?
A – No. We have a blanket ban on any team member wearing any form of GPS watch. As there are so many GPS watches and devices on the market now, (and despite the fact it might or might not locate position, display maps or assist with route finding), all GPS watches track distance and therefore can aid in knowledge of distance traveled on foot… an orienteering skill acquired through much practice.

Q – How do I change a team members details?
A – Your team captain (person who initially registered your team), can log back onto their EventPlus profile here and make any team mate change except a change to their own participation up to 12 midnight on Wednesday 28th February 2018.  Note: This will automatically update the live online team entry list here but not the Team Wave Start Times document. This later document will be updated on Friday 9th March 2018 and finalised.

Q – How can we make team changes after midnight on Wednesday 28th February 2018?
A – Please print out the attached form here complete and bring with you when your team comes to registration to pick up your race box.

Q – How do I find out which start wave our team is in?
A – The final updated team start wave list will be posted on the event website on Friday 2nd March 2018, under ‘Information’ on the main menu bar and on the ‘Timetable’ drop down sub-menu here.

Q- Where do I find which yoga session and film screening our team is booked in?
A – Online yoga session and film screening bookings will close at 12 midnight on Wednesday 28th February 2018 (2 weeks out from race day). Booked yoga classes and film showings will automatically update the live online bookings list here.
Note 1: Any teams who have not selected a yoga session or film screening by the date online bookings close, may book in person (subject to availability) by adding their name to a session or screening booking sheet at the registration expo.

Q –Will there be Eftpos facility at the registration Expo for event merchandise purchases?
A – No, not this year. Please bring hard cash (notes & coins) with you.

Q – One of our team-mates has picked up a late injury close to the event and we are struggling to find a replacement team member. Can our team start with only 3 members and if so what are the implications of this?
A – Yes.  As a last resort you can start and participate in the event as a team of three, however your teams ranking will be placed behind that of all teams starting and finishing with a complete team of four women. One team member will need to sit out the kayak though, as craft are double vessels. Consequently, we strongly encourage you to search for a replacement team member right up to the event registration expo. If you are unable to find a fourth team member, you must inform the event staff at the registration expo when picking up your team race box. This so we know how many people will be starting and out on the course.  No part refunds will be given for the missing fourth team member.  Teams may not start with only 2 team members.