Preparation is key not only to your success in Adventure Racing but also your enjoyment. When preparing your body and mind and learning new skills you’ll  strengthen your friendships with your team members whilst enjoying adventurous training weekends in new and exciting places. On this page you’ll find plenty of information to help your team achieve your adventure racing goals.

On this page:

  • Hydration & Nutrition Advice from Dr Stacy Sims
  • Adventure Motivation made easy by Senka Radonich
  • The 2017 Free Training programmes, webinars, coaching sessions & blogs from James Kuegler
  • First timers information blog site
  • Team blogs from the lead up to both past years events (2016 & 2017)
  • Words of reassurance from the inaugural event Activator Alison King
  • Nutritional advice from Mikki Williden
  • Where to hire a Mtb in Taupo or Rotorua

Preparation for the 2018 Whakatane Ohope Event

Hydration and nutrition advice from 2018 event official nutritionist – Dr Stacy Sims

Dr. Stacy Sims, MSC, PhD, is an Environmental Exercise Physiologist and Nutrition Scientist working as a Senior Research Fellow at Waikato University’s Adams High Performance Centre. Her research delves into understanding sex differences of heat and/or altitude stress, recovery, genetics, and nutrition to moderate adaptive responses for performance. She is also the author of ROAR, a comprehensive, physiology-based nutrition and training guide specifically designed for women. “Women are not small men” says Sims. She encourages women to “Stop eating and training like one”.

Stacy At Stanford small

Sims is an athlete herself. Her research stems from her own difficulties with gastrointestinal distress while competing as an Ironman triathlete and elite road racer. In the lead up to Whai Ora Spirited Women 2018, Stacy will be sharing her wealth of experience and knowledge about optimum hydration and nutrition during sport to support competitors toward the best possible performance on race day.

Adventure Motivation made easy by Senka Radonich


Senka Radonich aka nzadventuregirl
After loosing her mum to pneumonia suddenly, Senka woke up to the fact that life can be taken away any moment, so why waste it.  Setting out to make her life one giant adventure doing stuff she freaking loves she established Adventure Girls which is all about getting women out to do cool sh*t.  Whether it’s getting you out adventuring and stretching yourself in trying new things or working with you one on one in the personal coaching space, Senka will be all over it like white on rice.

adventuregirls logo BRIGHTER (2)-1 - Copy

Adventure Girls – Kick ass adventures for women 
Have ever wanted to try surfing, mountain biking, or 4 wheel driving?  What about dirt biking, snowboarding or rock climbing?  How about stand up paddling, gun shooting or tree adventures?  Join a bunch of super rad women, like you, who are up for getting out and trying new adventures for the first time.


YUS is Your Ultimate Sisterhood – The easiest way to meet your new adventure bestie
Your Ultimate Sisterhood is here to save you from being stuck at home on the couch with the TV remote and a bag of chips contemplating colour coordinating your socks and undies draw with no one to go on your adventures with.  OH HELL NO SISTA… not on my watch!.  Become a part of the sisterhood and you’ll have an endless supply of new adventure BFFs.  Join the fun and we’ll see you in there.

2017 Free Training Programmes & Email Tips


James Kuegler Coaching is back and all women interested in receiving the Free Monthly Spirited Women Training Programmes and Regular Training Tips via email can subscribe here.
The Long Course Training Programme is 20 Weeks in duration, the Medium Course 16 Weeks and the Short Course is 12 Weeks. Training Tips start from the end of the month.

Here is the schedule of emails –
Nov 10. Training Programme Email for Nov 14 – Dec 11 Training Programme (link to Long Course)
Nov 25. Training Tips Email. Getting Started & Safety Outdoors – Click here
Dec 8. Training Programme Email for Dec 12 – Jan 8 Training Programmes (links to Medium & Long Courses)
Dec 22. Training Tips Email. Summer Nutrition – click here; & Summer Training – Click here
Jan 5. Training Programme Email for Jan 9 – Feb 5 Training Programmes (links to Short, Medium & Long Courses)
Feb 2. Training Programme Email for Feb 6 – Apr 5 Training Programmes (links to Short, Medium & Long Courses)
Feb 9. Training Tips Email. Running Technique – click here & Navigation 101 – click here
Feb 16. Training Tips Email. Maintaining Momentum click here
Mar 2. Training Programme Email for Mar 6 – Apr 2 Training Programmes (links to Short, Medium & Long Courses)
Mar 16. Training Tips Email. Final Preparation click here

Links to the content of each email will subsequently put up above as they are released.

2017 Coaching Webinars and Skills Training Sessions

James Kuegler Coaching teams up with Victoria Stuart from Starboard SUPSNZ and Rachel Smith from Navigation North to bring you a series of interactive coaching webinars and skills training sessions in the new year to help you prepare for the 2017 Whai Ora Spirited Women – All Women’s Adventure Race in Taupo.

Here is how the schedule of events looks –
Feb 9. Spirited Women Webinar: Topic – Getting Started. Book here
Feb 18-19. Spirited Women Training Sessions: Navigation Skills & AR Clinics (Auckland). Book here
Feb 26. Spirited Women Training Session: Mountain Biking Skills & Bike Maintenance (Auckland). Book here
Mar 4. Spirited Women Training Session: Stand Up Paddle Skills Workshop (Auckland). Book here
Mar 15. Spirited Women Webinar: Topic – Final Preparation. Book here
Mar 19. Spirited Women Training Session. Event Simulation (Auckland). Book here

Bookings for these will become available via links above and advertised on the event Facebook page as soon as they open. A small fee (TBC) will apply per event.

2017 Navigation Clinics and Rogaines – Auckland and Central North Island (& possibly Wellington too?)

Rachel Smith of Navigation North and Orienteering Bay of Plenty will be running some skills based navigation and adventure racing clinics ahead of the 2017 Whai Ora Spirited Women – All Women’s Adventure Race. The clinics run for 2 ½ hours and will include basic map skills including reading and understanding, using a compass, route choice and map preparation, team work as well as other adventure race specific skills. Each clinic will be followed by a 2hr Rogaine on a nearby area (note: more experienced teams can just come along to do the Rogaine, but will still need to register). There are limited spots available for each clinic so register early for a place.

Dates (Locations to be confirmed):
Auckland 19th February… linked in with James Keugler Coaching (see above)
Central North Island 26th February

NOTE: If you are keen to see an event in the lower North Island event, please email Rachel to register your interest.

Navigation/AR skills clinic – 9.30am–12pm
Rogaine (2hrs) – 1–3pm (Must be in team of 2 or more)

Please email Rachel at to confirm your spot and arrange payment or if you have any questions.

In time, further details will be posted on the Navigation North Facebook page here. Cost per person – $45 for both Clinic and Rogaine or $20 for Rogaine.

First Timers Information – blog site

For all women considering doing their first adventure race, the ‘Adventure Racing Basics’ Blog site – provides some invaluable reading.

  • Blog 1: What is Adventure Racing – Click here
  • Blog 2: Gear and Clothing – Click here 
  • Blog 3: Food, Food, Food, What to eat during a race – Click here
  • Blog 4: Preparing your headspace is as important as preparing your body – Click here
  • Blog 5: Navigation for beginners – Click here
  • Blog 6: Question & Answer Session with Debbie Chambers – Click here
  • Blog 7: 2016 Race report by team #53 – Expedio GOT – Click here

Team Blogs leading up to the 2018 Whakatane Ohope Event

2018 Alterno Accidentals – team blogs 

The Alterno Foundation have this again generously sponsored the another team entry into the 2018 event in the Whakatane Ohope region. The team (known as the Alterno Accidentals) will be writing a monthly blog, capturing the journey from taking the plunge to enter, thru to competing in their first Adventure Race. Follow the teams adventures along the way, find out you are not alone, and gain the inspiration and confidence that you can do this too.

  • October blog The story of our team’s inception – click here

Team Blogs leading up to the 2017 Taupo Event

2017 Alterno Cougar Mummas & Alterno Adventure Squad – team blogs 

The Alterno Foundation have this year generously sponsored two teams into the 2017 event in Taupo. Each team   are writing a monthly blog, capturing the journey from taking the plunge to enter, thru to competing in their first Adventure Race. Follow each teams adventures along the way, find out you are not alone, and gain the inspiration and confidence that you can do this too.

  • October blogs: 
    • ACM – See you on the other side smiling – click here;
    • AAS – It’s going to be a wild ride, yeeeeeeeha!  – click here;
  • November blog: 
    • ACM – Holly shit, here we go – click here;
    • AAS – Getting started – Click here
  • December blog:

    • ACM – We came, we saw, we freaked out a little bit, but we kicked its ass anyway – click here
  • January blog:
    • AAS – Uncovering our strengths and weaknesses – click here
  • February blog:
    • ACM – When life gets in the way – click here
    • AAS – Stepping it up – click here
  • March blog:
    • AAS – Back together and getting race ready – click here
  • April blog:
    • ACM – Success in 11hours 28 minutes – click here

Team Blogs leading up to the 2016 Rotorua Event

2016 Alterno Foundation Rays of Sunshine – team blogs 

Team “Rays of Sunshine” (sponsored by the Alterno Foundation) are writing a monthly blog, capturing the journey from taking the plunge to enter, thru to competing in their first Adventure Race. Follow each team members account of their adventures along the way and get inspired to put in a team to join them on the start line.

  • October blog: Introduction to Rays of Sunshine – click here;
  • November blog: Let the Training Begin – click here;
  • December blog: Time Flies & Reality Bites – click here
  • January blog: Team Training – Part 1 – click here
  • February blog: Team Training – Take 2 – click here
  • March blog: Varying degrees of sunshine – Click here
  • April blog: Race day – Click here

Words of reassurance & tips from 2016 event Rotorua Activator Alison King

Alison King from ‘Run for your Life’ is a local Rotorua resident we brought on board ahead of the inaugural Spirited Women event in 2016 to help women come to grips with the event. Owner of “Run For Your Life”, she is here to help with words of reassurance, local tips on where to train and personal insight on where to relax and perhaps indulge in a treat when you visit. If you are thinking the event is beyond you or it raises trepidation’s, you best read Alison’s first blog from her first taste of what is in store for Spirited Women.

Alison’s blog#1 –  New Adventures – Before I tell you about how achievable this event it, I have to let you know I have this inane fear of falling into water…

Alison’s Blog#2 – Let the training begin.

Alison’s Blog#3 – The Race Report.

Nutritional Advice from Mikki Williden

MW Real Food Nutrition Logo250

Mikki Williden [PhD Registered Nutritionist] joins the team to offer expert nutritional advice to Spirited Women. Mikki is passionate about maintaining good health and wellbeing through a whole food approach to nutrition, regular exercise, and a focus on optimising lifestyle factors that influence our ability to cope with the demands of everyday life and challenging events.
Mikki has contributed some good healthy nutritional advice for Spirited Women getting into the endurance sport of adventure racing, covering off key pre, during, post exercise considerations as well at touching on daily nutritional considerations. Its definitely worth the read. Check it out here.

Mikki offers assistance to a wide range of people from corporates, elite level sports people and media personalities, to anyone looking to improve their lifestyle through healthy eating and living. This extends to people experiencing fatigue, digestive health, reduced energy level, unwanted weight gain, cholesterol and blood sugar dysregulation or general poor health. So if you would like further help, Mikki is your lady.

Where to hire a Mountain Bike in Taupo or Rotorua

If you do not own a Mountain Bike (mtb) and would like hire one – here are a list of local providers in Taupo or Rotorua. We strongly recommend if you do not own a Mtb, get to either Taupo and Rotorua between now and the event for a ride the Y2K track around Lake Taupo or in Rotorua’s world Famous Whakawerawera Forest Mtb trails to familiarize yourselves with both the sport and bike you are planning to hire for the event.

Please click here for Mtb rental shops in Taupo & nearby Rotorua.