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Our team (When Mum’s Go Wild) came together for the first Spirited Women race in Rotorua after seeing a post about the race on Facebook.  I was looking for a challenge to get me motivated and fitter and this looked perfect.  My neighbour was keen, and she roped in her sister-in-law and another friend.  My only stipulation was that they weren’t too competitive!! As at that point I couldn’t even run one kilometre. It turns out we are all quite competitive, so after thoroughly enjoying the short course in Rotorua and finishing a very surprised 4th in the Veteran category, we decided to increase to the Medium and train a bit harder, as well as learning how to navigate.  A scary start in the dark, cycling down paddocks in the fog and about 50 km of mountain biking in Taupo, made for an exciting race.  We thought we were at the back of the field because we had hardly seen anyone else on the course until someone told us at a transition that we were the second team through, which gave our tired legs an instant boost.  We managed first place in our category that year.  This year in Ohope, the hills were a killer, but the scenery, the ocean kayak and the chance to try target shooting and a massive waterslide made us want to do it all again in Gisborne  (Of course 2nd place helped with the motivation as well). 

This year, however, I want to give back some of the benefits that Spirited Women has given me. I am currently a Pinc and Steel programme physiotherapist.  In my work with my Pinc and Steel clients, I have seen the benefit that they get from the programmes.  Whether it be being able to get through the day at work, moving into sports and activity again, or in one case just being able to go back to school and last the whole day.  It is a pleasure to be able to guide people positively through their cancer recovery.  However, we need more funding so more people can access the programme.  So, I am hoping that many more of you superwomen out there will take up the challenge and get some fundraising for the Pinc and Steel Rehabilitation Trust.  Or if you don’t want to fundraise, let people know about the trust and the work they do and donate.  I am also doing this for all the people close to me who have been diagnosed with cancer in the last few years. 

Karen Carmichael, PINC & STEEL Physio Hamilton 

It is super easy to set up a fundraising page and begin raising funds for the cause. Together with your Spirited Women Team mates, you can make a big difference for New Zealanders affected by cancer. Just click here

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