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While there’s plenty of wind and rain about, we’ve had a sneak peak at some cracker sunny days. And with sunny days, comes, yes, sun!

It’s easy to get quite focused on the training itself and forget some of the stress this puts on your skin. Here’s a few quick tips for taking care of your beautiful face while your putting in the hours training (and you are, aren’t you!?)

  1. Hydration is not just for your body, it’s for your skin. It’s easier for skin to cope with the stresses of wind and sun if it is hydrated, which is something you want to be maintaining, instead of trying to catchup with after a workout. If the water is hitting your belly too hard, you may need to look at softening it with some simple hydration salts to make the water easier to absorb.
  2. A warm water rinse or gentle wash before and after a workout will help with hydration and also will help keep pores clear.
  3. Refine or trim your makeup routine so that you are using products that can handle a big workout. Some products have a sunscreen included in a moisturiser, but many of these have water in them, so will run down face and into eyes once you break a good sweat. 
  4. To get the best out of your sun protection choose a dedicated sports performance sunscreen or a sunscreen with water resistance. There are some very good natural sunscreens available for this, like Goodbye OUCH Sun Balm, which is a water-free formulation so it stays put on your skin through water and sweat.
  5. Pulling hair from your face will help prevent breakouts caused by the heat trapped by hair. Have you noticed that you tend to get breakouts under your fringe?
  6. Use an antioxidant rich oil or moisturiser in the evening. This keeps your face being cared for as you sleep so that it is ready for another full day of adventure when you wake. A favourite is just a few drops of raspberry seed oil. 

It’s not hard to look after your skin while you train, and these few simple things will help you celebrate your healthy outdoor happy skin.

Becky Cashman – Founder and Product Maker at Goodbye

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