Fundraise for charity and win
The Whaiora Spirited Women Adventure Race has formed a relationship with the PINC & STEEL – Cancer Rehabilitation Trust, to helps raise valuable funds for their cause.

PINC & STEEL is a dedicated charity investing in rehabilitation for people who have been diagnosed with cancer. More New Zealanders than ever are being diagnosed with cancer and more are surviving the often grueling treatments.  Cancer surgery and treatment can have devastating physical effects and if left untreated, prevent those recovering from living a truly full life.

There is increasing evidence that physical activity has beneficial effects for several aspects of cancer survivor-ship specifically, weight gain, quality of life, cancer recurrence or progression, and prognosis (likelihood of survival). New cancer treatments are helping people live longer, and consequently it is critical that we help them live better. Rehabilitation and exercise are key components to achieving this.

The financial burden of a cancer diagnosis affects patients and their families from all communities and there is no ACC or Government funding for cancer rehabilitation in New Zealand. The PINC & STEEL Trust raises funds to subsidise the cost of rehabilitation for men, women and young people after a cancer diagnosis and has a dedicated group of certified physiotherapists throughout the country  delivering this essential service.

Watch the video on Isobel’s here to see how cancer rehabilitation can help people facing cancer.  

PINC & STEEL needs your help to support more people like Isobel Move Over Cancer.

It is super easy to set up a fundraising page and begin raising funds for the cause. Together with your Spirited Women Team mates you can make a big difference for New Zealanders affected by cancer. Just click here to get started.

As added motivation to fund raise for the cause we have teamed with our event sponsors to offer a great prize for the team who raises the most money. Get cracking!