Team members in teams are allowed to use E-bikes in this event under the below conditions –

  • The team must notify event administration (by adding their team bib number to the E-bike Intentions Form) when picking up their race boxes at the event registration on the Friday prior to the event.
  • Any team using an e-bike acknowledge they will be ranked below all other finishing teams in the race results.


No team is permitted to use any device which has Global Satellite Positioning (GSP) capabilities for the explicit purpose of defining location or aiding navigation (i.e., route finding) during the event.

Using digital location and navigation map functions is considered unfairly obtaining a competitive advantage and in direct breach of the event race rules and spirit of the sport.  The race organisers reserve the right to disqualify any team seen or found to have breached this rule

Phones may be carried but only be used to take photos or to call for assistance in the incident of an accident or emergency.  Otherwise, phones should always be in aeroplane mode. The exception to this rule is after 10 pm, when any team still on the course must disable aeroplane mode on their phone so they can – a). call event admin to relay their position, and b). stay in possible contact with event administration.

Watches may only be used to display time, compass and altitude.

Recording fitness app data is permitted, but this data cannot be displayed on the device screen or accessed during the course of the event.