Online Entries to the February 2023 Rotorua event open at 7am on Monday 3rd October 2022


To enter, designate a team captain responsible for entering the team. The team captain must first create an Event Plus profile for themselves (or login if they have one already). This can be done ahead of entry release by clicking on the button below. When entries open the team captain again clicks on the button below, logs into their EventPlus profile and registers for the team in the chosen event category & division. The team captain then enters in any known team member email addresses (if they have them). The team captain completes the remainder of personal questions, decide on behalf of the team weather they take Booking Protect entry cover and then must pay for the complete team entry fee by credit card to confirm their team registration. A team code will be sent to all listed teammates email addresses, so these teammates can each create profiles (or login if they have one already) and add themselves to the team before online entries close.

Click the button above to enter a team, add yourself to an already existing team, update your team information (including edits and deleting team members), make a donation, or check out some cool event merchandise specials on the Spirited Women online shop.


2023 Entry Fees

Price per open, veteran and masters team of four women 


Early Bird Entry
(from 3rd October 2022)

Standard Entry
(from 1st November 2022)

Late Entry
(from 1st December 2022)   

Short Course

Team $1460 NZD ($365 per teammate)

Team $1560 NZD ($390 per teammate)

Team $1660 NZD ($415 per teammate)

Medium Course

Team $1660 NZD ($415 per teammate)

Team $1760 NZD ($440 per teammate)

Team $1860 NZD ($465 per teammate)

Long Course

Team $1860 NZD ($465 per teammate)

Team $1960 NZD ($490 per teammate)

Team $2060 NZD ($515 per teammate)



Booking Protection

Booking Protect provides additional entry fee protection to the events advertised withdrawal & refund policy (see an example of how this works below).

We recommend you include this option in order to get a full refund of the purchase price should you or anyone in the party be unable to attend due to;

  • Injury or illness happening to you or a team-mate, or a member of your or a teammate’s immediate family.
  • Adverse weather including snow, frost, fog or storm where the Police or Government have issued travel warnings.
  • The mechanical breakdown, accident, fire or theft enroute of a private vehicle taking your team to the booked event.

Booking Protect is purchased by the team captain for the entire team.

If the original team captain can no longer participate, and the team can still proceed with a replacement person, that’s fine, no claim is required. The protection however remains with the original team captain, so if at some later point the team cannot participate it would be the original team captain who would need to make the claim with Booking Protect.

Example: Should you opt to take Booking Protect refund protection for your team at the time of registering, and your team is unable to attend for one of the reasons listed above (i.e., injury), you are first to contact event management to lodge your withdrawal and claim what percentage entry fee refund is available at that time (i.e., a 25% refund is available up to one month out from the event). Event Management will refund the percentage entry fee refund applicable at the time to you. Then you must lodge an official claim directly with Booking Protect (your refund protection provider) in order to seek the remaining percentage of your entry fee.



Entry includes

A big team gift box full of event merchandise & sponsor’s goodies, including-

  • 4 x Spirited Women Tussock Ridge Merino Beanies
  • 4 x Spirited Women Bike Top Tube Carry Pouches
  • 4 x Spirited Women Camelbak Podium Drink Bottles
  • 4 x Finishers beverage glasses (you keep the glasses as individual finishers medals)
  • 4 x Food & beverage tickets
  • Heaps of sponsors giveaways
  • Free event photos
  • Event video
  • Provision of kayaks, paddles & life vests
  • Mystery activities
  • Team race notes
  • Team control punch card
  • Team control descriptor sheet
  • Team waterproof maps
  • One amazing adventure event experience with some awesome mystery activities
  • Electronic timing, with stage splits & mystery activity credits/penalties
  • Event paramedic emergency team cover
  • The chance to win some incredible performance prizes, unique Metal Bird trophies
  • Plus a bounty of seriously cool spot prizes


Entry limit

The event is now strictly limited to 500 teams (2000 women) on a first entered basis, per event.

The North Island has…





Long Course Team Spaces

Entries Available


Medium Course Spaces

Entries Available


Short Course Team Spaces

Entries Available



A wait-list will operate for those teams who miss out on getting in and wish to have the opportunity to replace any teams withdrawing at a later date. Note: When an entry becomes available for the event category length your team has indicated you would like to compete in, you will receive a call-up phone call or email. If you decide that your team wish to no longer take part, we would appreciate if you removed your team from the waitlist.


Close of online entries

Rotorua online entries close – Midnight Tuesday 31st January 2023


Registered team lists

Check out the current list of all teams entered & team members confirmed here (coming soon)


Looking for a teammate or team?

If you require another team-mate or are looking to join a team, there is now an Event Facebook Group where you can register your interest for others to see, simply by adding a comment. We recommend you let others know a little about yourself or your team (fitness/skills/experience), the event and category you or your team are keen to do (short/medium or long course), so you locate a well-suited team or team-mate to your or your team’s goals. Then private message one another to communicate further. Don’t forget to delete your post or simply re-comment below your comment the word ‘Found’, after you have found a team or team-mate. Please don’t be shy… there every possibility you could strike up a lifelong friendship/s from the experience.


Team edits and deleting (non-Captain) team members

The person who registered the team (the ‘Team Captain’) will need to do this before the close of online entry two weeks prior to the event.

  • Click on the event entry link button above
  • Login to your EventPlus profile using your email and password
  • Click on your ‘short/medium/long course’ entry
  • Make any changes as required to your team entry (i.e., changing the team name or age division)
  • Delete any old team members
  • Click ‘Update’


Adding New Team Members

The team captain can add a new team member by emailing them the team’s team code (Example: SW123456789) so they can create (or login to) their EventPlus profile (accessed through the entry button above) and enter the team code to add themselves to the team. NOTE: If replacing another member, the captain must first delete the old team member to free up this email field and space for the new team member to join the team.

In the final two weeks before the event, teams will need to print out the ‘Late team member change and Waiver agreement’ form here, complete and bring it with them to the event registration.


Changing the team captain

If you need to change the team captain or have made an error in your entry that you cannot correct, please contact us.


Change team race category

If you wish to change the race category (short, medium, or long course) your team races, we can only affect this change for your team if there is available space. Category changes are subject to a $40 NZD admin fee in addition to any difference in entry fee (be it an increased sum or refund given). Please contact us by email to see if this can be done.



We are unable to transfer entries from North to South Island and vice versa.
We are unable to transfer entries from one year to another.


Withdrawals & refund policy

To withdraw, please contact us by email.


2023 Rotorua refunds –

  • 95% Refund – teams withdrawing before 10th October 2022* (within first week of registrations opening)
  • 75% Refund – teams withdrawing before 17th November 2022* (up to three months out from the event)
  • 50% Refund – teams withdrawing before 17th December 2022* (up to two months out from the event)
  • 25% Refund – teams withdrawing before 17th January 2023* (up to one month out from the event)

No refund will be given after Tuesday 17th January 2023.

*Excludes the value of any partial credit/discount code used.
*Less $40 NZD admin fee.
*No Transfers to other Spirited Women events

Entry fee refund protection (Insurance) is the responsibility of the competitors.



If the event has to be cancelled within 7 days (the last week) of the event due to adverse weather conditions, a natural disaster, terrorism, or any other justifiable reason so deemed by the organisers, no refunds will be issued.

If there are changes in Covid alert level restrictions within 7-days prior to the event, preventing the Event from being held, the event will be cancelled and no refunds will be made.

Entry fee refund protection (Insurance) is the responsibility of the competitors.



If the event is not able to proceed due to ongoing restrictions in place surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the event will be postponed to a later date.  No refunds will be given if the team cannot make the new postponed date. Teams should take this into consideration when entering.

Entry fee refund protection (Insurance) is the responsibility of the competitors.


Event waiver

Please click here to view (PDF document).


Privacy policy

Please click here to view (PDF document).