That’s right, you read correctly, just like the last two years in Taupo & Whakatane, the 2019 Spirited Woman Adventure Race in the Tairawhiti Gisborne region will be unsupported, and therefore teams will not require a support crew to race.

This means teams have to be self-sufficient, transitioning from discipline to discipline their selves and prohibited from receiving outside assistance during the course of their race.

While you don’t have to rope in a support crew, we welcome and encourage supporters (husbands, kids, partners, family and friends) to accompany teams to Tairawhiti Gisborne to enjoy the a fantastic weekend away. Supporters are free to cheer on and take photos of Spirited Women at points during their adventure Supporters will be able to track their teams on their phones and cheer them on at one of many spots along to course where you can easily view the race.

Each team needs their own support crew. Ideally 2-3 people is the best number, but some team’s manage fine with 1 person.

The support crew’s role is to stay in front of their team, drive ahead to Transition Areas (TA’s), prepare for their team’s arrival and then help the team change from one discipline to the next.

A 4WD support crew vehicle would be ideal, but teams will be able to get away with a 2WD for the inaugural event in Rotorua in 2016. Large heavy vehicles such as Motorhomes & Trailers are not ideal given TA’s parking sites are often off-road and tight for space.